Ability and personality testing - Psychometric Assessment

A- Personality Assessment

The System is designed for use with experienced managers and professionals. It produces profiles across 4 clusters, 12 sections, 36 dimensions and 108 facets. The questionnaire assesses the individual motives, preferences, needs and talents in critical work areas.


  • Expert Report / Tool
  • Personal Reports /Tool
  • Line Manager Report /Tool
  • Job Profiler Report /Tool
  • Development Report /Tool
  • Interview Guide /Tool
  • Reflection Report /Tool
  • Types Report /Tool
  • Leadership Assessment Report /Tool
  • Team Roles Report /Tool
  • Entrepreneurial Potential Profile Report/Tool
  • Sales Assessment Report/Tool
  • My Self Premium Report /Tool
  • Wave Strengths Report/Tool

B- Ability Testing

The ability tests helps to identify the best person for a role. It includes measures of verbal (working with words), numerical (working with numbers), diagrammatic (working with systems), abstract (working with logic), error checking (working with details), spatial (working with designs) and mechanical (working with equipment)

Numerical Analysis assessment

Verbal Critical Analysis

Diagrammatic Critical Analysis


  • Analysis Aptitude Assessment
  • Comprehension Aptitude Assessment
  • Apprentice Aptitude Range
  • Technical Aptitude
  • Work Place English Assessment