Leadership is only effective when employees receive proper orientation. Thus the employee appraisal in conjunction with agreed targets is not only an employee orientated but also a very effective method of leadership. Whoever knows their own goals can find their own path and are not dependent on outside leadership. Ultimately, clear target agreements are an excellent foundation for performance evaluation and reward, which are essential components of employee appraisal
One of the best ways for an employee to increase productivity and change work habits is through the appraisal interview. Although formal in nature, the appraisal interview is a two-way communication process that allows both parties to input into the process. The natures of appraisal interviews vary, but one of the most common uses is for a manager to provide feedback for an employee.
Appraisal interviews are often held on a regular basis to make sure that the employee is staying on track


Appraisal Approach
– Starting the Appraisal
–  Getting Information – Asking the Right Questions
Conducting appraisal interview:
– Prepare
– Clear Communication
– Interviewing Based on the Person
Tips for Appraisal Interview

Key Benefits

– the Definition of an Appraisal
– importance of appraisal interviews
– appraisal methods
– The Right and Wrong Way to Approach a Performance Appraisal Interview
– how to conduct a successful appraisal interviews
– Reasons to Use Appraisal Interview 

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