Recruitment and selection play an important role within the process of leading, managing and developing people.
The decision to employ – or not – underpins the whole area of managing people. Issues associated with exclusion from the workplace also highlight the need for professionalism,
Mastering all aspects of Recruitment and selection is the main aim to this course.


– Understanding the components of Job Analysis and establishing its framework
– Developing Job Descriptions and Job Specifications
– Workforce Planning and Forecasting
– Strategic Recruiting Decisions
– Recruitment: Internal and External sourcing
– Selection Tools: Psychometric test, Assessment Center/ Designing Competency Interviews
– A Tool of Effectiveness: Head Hunting
– Realistic Job Preview
– Recruitment Analytics: How to measure the recruitment effectiveness

key Benefits

Upon completion this course, participants will be able to:
• Perform job analysis, description and Specification
• Apply effective recruitment and selection methods.
• Recognize and prepare a professional Resume’
• Identify the different types of interviews.
• Design and conduct an effective interview.
• Apply the best testing and recruitment techniques.
• Recognize and apply background investigations.
• Duration: 8 hours
• Language: English/ Arabic

Project Details

  • Category: Courses
  • Title: Effective Recruitment and Selection
  • Location: Cairo
  • Duration : 8 Hours
  • Language: English/ Arabic